XMRV workshop

Verdens første konferanse om XMRV er i gang. Jeg har ikke orket følge med så veldig, ettersom det foregår sent på kvelden/natta norsk tid. Derimot lyttet jeg til det meste av det som ble lagt ut fra «spørsmål og svar»-seansen i går, og som kan ses på YouTube.

Til tider virket det som stemningen var nokså anspent der, og dr. Judy Mikovits havnet i en disputt med dr. Myra McClure (britisk forsker som sammen med Wessley ikke greide å finne XMRV i Storbritannia – og senere ble kritisert for å ikke ha benyttet rette metoder/utvalg). Videoklipp fra dette:

Og her er utskrift av det de sier:

Dr Mikovits – Well I think because all of these studies are focused on primarily PCR and that’s not how we classic retrovirologists have identified either of the other 2 human retroviruses, particularly not HTLV1 which was so difficult to f…ind, so cell-associated. We’re talking about DNA hypermethylation of these viral genomes in cells so that they’re not expressed. So when you use complementary methods as we did 25,30 years ago, when we did most of the work in HIV and HTLV1, we used all of these methods to increase the power of the finding, not just a simple PCR.

Dr. Myra McClure, Imperial College London – I can’t agree with that Judy. I mean, a lot of us have done the serology as well. We would isolate virus if we could find positives. We can’t find positives, we can’t get the virus. But certainly the serology is backing up our PCR. And I frankly don’t know what else we can do.

Dr Mikovits – I had at least 50 positives right from the London area and many more besides that using the techniques that we validated in our paper and clinically and that have been used throughout this room.

Dr McClure – I’m very happy to be proved wrong if people can send positives but what I said to you when you very kindly offered to send me some positives to my lab. They have to be independently sent.

Dr Mikovits – And we agreed to do that, to have phlebotomy services send them directly to you.

Dr McClure – Well I’m happy to do that now. But at the time you wanted to send reagents from your lab to mine.

Dr Mikovits – Well the monoclonal antibodies and the antibodies that have been validated, the 7C10, I haven’t seen the other assays clinically validated to detect a clinical sample. They are very highly specific against expressed XMRV proteins from VP62, a reference standard that, you know, so far hasn’t been detected in a natural isolate as prevalently as some of the other variation that one would expect in a retrovirus.

Dr McClure – I don’t quite know….

Dr F. Ruscetti: Today we saw reasonable things from the FDA and the CDC. All right. One found positives where the other found negative… and another found negative where the other found positive. And they still used validated tests. We do not know at the moment what the difference is – if it’s processing or whatnot. But I stand on the recommendation that I made, until we understand it better: Negative PCR is not a stand-alone assay for detection of this virus in clinical samples.

Dr. McClure: I agree with that. (indecipherable) No, we have. We’ve now done the serology. Sorry.

Dr Mikovits: No we have!